What is a Mason?


Let There Be Light!

What does it mean to be a Mason? This is a complicated question, and means something different to every person who experiences it. We'll start with the basics, and expand from there.


What Masonry is NOT.

1. Freemasonry is NOT a religious order, creed, nor religion itself, however Masons are required to believe in a higher power.

2. Freemasonry is NOT a secret society. There are rumors aplenty about the secret nature of Masons and the craft. Masons throughout history have always been open about the existence of the organization.

3. Freemasonry is NOT a charity, nor an organization for profit, rather, Masons strive to perform charities, instead.


Now we move on to the truths about Freemasonry. Freemasonry is a voluntary association of men, who live by a specific moral code in their every day lives. The organization is a fraternity which strives to achieve excellence through its members, using tools such as rituals, symbolism, moral and spiritual education, as well as the basic principles of the Brotherhood of Man. In short, Freemasonry takes good men, and makes them better, sending them back into the world to enrich and improve their own neighborhoods, personal and professional relationships, and all interactions with mankind.


To Be One, Ask One!

If you've decided to go ahead and make the fulfilling journey into becoming a Mason, there's only one way, and it's really easy! Simply ask an existing Mason to show you around the lodge. The best time to do that is at one of our monthly banquets. Every month before our Stated Communication (monthly get together) we sit and break bread as brothers. It's a great time to mingle, get to know the men of the lodge, ask some questions if any remain, and enjoy a meal! If by the end of supper you feel like it's time to take the next step, ask a brother for a petition, fill it out, and it may even get voted on during our regular business for the night.


Knowledge Is Obtained by Degrees!

If you've made the choice to better yourself through Masonry, congratulations! The first step is the hardest to make, but only the first of many. The basic principles of Masonry are taught through three stages, or Degrees. You will be undertaking the first, and most confusing degree to become a member of the lodge. Hold fast, and don't lose your resolve! While the first degree can be overwhelming for a new Mason, all will be explained in due time. With each degree you will learn more and more about the principles and history of Freemasonry, and travel further down your path to betterment. The three basic degrees are remarkably fulfilling, enlightening, and eye-opening. Take your time, understand the lessons, and move at your own pace; your new brothers will be there to help you. If you're ever uncertain, or have a question, don't hesitate to reach out, and we will help you in any way we can.